'Doing the Right Thing' is Johnson Matthey's global Code of Ethics and helps our employees live our values and conduct business ethically

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics contains information and resources that help employees conduct Johnson Matthey's business legally, ethically, responsibly and reflecting our values.

It sets out individual and collective responsibilities – the things everyone must do to ensure we do the right thing.

Doing the Right Thing

"For me 'doing the right thing' is fundamental to Johnson Matthey's success. Doing the right thing is about doing good business; not 'business at any cost'.

rjm-white.jpg"It is about treating everyone fairly, keeping our promises and being honest and open with ourselves and others when things have not gone as planned. This is particularly important as the world in which we operate gets more complicated and as Johnson Matthey grows."

Robert MacLeod, Chief Executive of Johnson Matthey

Speak Up

Raise concerns through our Speak Up line
At Johnson Matthey, open and honest communications are encouraged and supported. We want you to feel comfortable in raising concerns by Speaking Up when you see, know of or suspect something unsafe, unethical or unlawful.

Our Code of Ethics provides guidance on doing the right thing and highlights further resources and contact details for when you need more help. In situations where you would prefer to raise a concern by placing an anonymous* report in absolute confidence, you are encouraged to use this Speak Up line, hosted by a third party hotline provider, EthicsPoint.

Johnson Matthey encourages and supports those that Speak Up and will take very seriously any claims of retaliation or discrimination against those who raise concerns in good faith.

Access the Speak Up line: http://www.jm.ethicspoint.com/

* where permitted by your local law