Johnson Matthey’s products and technologies are used across a wide range of other global industries, including the fuel cell, jewellery, glass manufacturing and food industries

Application Product Group Description Johnson Matthey Business Further Information
Jewellery industry Platinum and palladium alloys A range of platinum and palladium alloys suitable for casting, wrought and handworking fabrication and automated methods Noble Metals Noble Metals website
Metal joining Brazing filler metals, solders and fluxes, industrial silver and base metal products such as electrical contact materials A wide range of precious and base metal filler metals, solders and fluxes Metal Joining Metal Joining website
Glass and ceramic decoration Decorative precious metals and colours Platinum and gold inks in a variety of finishes, glass and ceramic frits, colour and media products for a range of substrates Advanced Glass Technologies Advanced Glass Technologies website
Fresh produce preservation e+ TM ethylene remover Removal of low levels of ethylene to prolong the lifetime of fresh produce and flowers Chemical Products Chemical Products website - e+TM ethylene remover
Fresh produce preservation Polymer based modified atmosphere packaging Controls humidity, inhibits pathogen growth and reduces biosynthesis of ethylene Atmosphere Control Technologies Atmosphere Control Technologies
Fuel cells for power generation Fuel cell components and catalysts, including HiSPEC and HiFUEL catalysts Membrane electrode assemblies for automotive, stationary, portable and electronics applications. Catalysts for fuel cells and fuel reforming Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells website
Glass manufacturing
Platinum group metal (pgm) fabrications and coatings Noble Metals Noble Metals website