Johnson Matthey manufactures a wide range of products for applications in the pharmaceutical or medical industries. These include active pharmaceutical ingredients, catalysts and chemicals and medical device components

We supply active pharmaceutical ingredients for controlled drugs used in pain relief, acute pain management, opiate addiction treatment and chemotherapy treatments. We also manufacture a variety of precious metal catalysts, chemicals and enzymes which are used in transformations in the pharmaceutical industry.

For medical applications, Johnson Matthey fabricates medical device components from platinum, Nitinol and engineered plastics which are used in surgical devices.

Alongside Johnson Matthey's broad range of products for pharmaceutical and medical applications, we also provide specialist contract research services.

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Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, enzymes and chiral technologies

Used for the efficient and sustainable manufacture of pharmaceuticals

Fine Chemicals

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Controlled substances

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

Used in a range of indications including pain relief, acute pain management, drug therapy, opiate addiction

Fine Chemicals

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APIs and life cycle management

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

Wide range of therapeutic indications including platinum anticancer actives

Fine Chemicals

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Custom pharma solutions

Contract process development and manufacturing

Full range of drug development, scale-up and manufacturing services

Fine Chemicals

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Medical device components

A wide range of fabricated products including micromachined parts, wire, rod, ribbon, tubing, sheet, foil, marker bands and ring electrodes

Fabrication of precious metals, alloys, Nitinol and engineered plastics for use in orthopaedic, endoscopy, cardiology, neurology and implant applications

Noble Metals – Johnson Matthey Medical

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Radio medicine

Rhodium foils

For use in mammography x-ray machines

Noble Metals

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