A global supplier of brazing filler metals, solders and fluxes and also supplies industrial silver and base metal products

Our Metal Joining business supplies its products to a wide range of industries including:

  • Aerospace.
  • Manufacturers of tungsten carbide tools and wear parts for cutting, mining and drilling.
  • Heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning.
  • Power generation and transmission.
  • Sensors and electronic devices.

Product range

We offer a broad range of brazing and soldering products. These quality products are supplied with the benefit of expert technical support and Johnson Matthey's precious metals capability.

Our product line consists of a comprehensive range of:

  • Silver brazing filler metals – Silver-flo™ & Argo-braze™ products.
  • Gold and Palladium containing brazing filler metals – Orobraze™ and Pallabraze™ products.
  • Silver-/ copper-phosphorus brazing filler metals – Sil-fos™ and Copper-flo™ products.
  • Base metal brazing filler metals – JM Bronze™, Alu-flo™ and NickelBraze™ products.
  • Brazing and soldering fluxes – Easy-flo™ and Tenacity™ range of fluxes.
  • Brazing pastes.
  • Industrial solders.
  • Industrial silver products.
  • Industrial base metal products.

Find out more

For more information, please visit the Metal Joining website.