Johnson Matthey manufactures a variety of precious metal containing catalysts and chemical products which are used in a wide range of industrial applications

Precious metal catalysts produced by Johnson Matthey
Precious metal catalysts produced by Johnson Matthey

Catalysts and chemicals

Catalysts and chiral technologies

Products for pharmaceutical, agrochemical and flavour & fragrance applications, including:

  • Homogenous catalysts
  • Heterogeneous catalysts
  • Biocatalysis and enzymes
  • Chiral technologies.

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Pgm containing chemical products

Our products include:

  • Inorganic metal salts – ligands such as halides, amines and carboxylates, and solution and solid products.
  • Fine metal powders, including pgm blacks for gas sensor fabrication and palladium powders for electronic thick and thin film paste manufacture.
  • Supported materials, including a wide range of supports with control of metal location, oxidation state and surface area.
  • Organometallics – ligands such as phosphines, alkenes, aromatics and carboxylates, solution and solid products.

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