Our vision is to build our 3rd century through value adding sustainable technologies


A reputation for integrity

In our 1st century we built a reputation, not just for expertise in precious metals, but for real integrity, and for being a company our customers could trust.

engineering and refining engineering and refining

Engineering and refining

In our 2nd century we developed our expertise in the engineering and refining of metals. We also began our environmental journey – a journey that continues to this day.

3rd century 3rd century

Building our 3rd century

For our 3rd century, we have developed a business model and strategy that, when underpinned by our company values, will drive our next century of growth.

strategy strategy

Our strategy

Our 3C Strategy will enable us to achieve our vision of building our 3rd century of value adding sustainable technologies. The strategy has nine building blocks and focuses on three powerful themes:

  • Collaborate
  • Customer Focus
  • Create Value.

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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our 3C Strategy will enable us to build our 3rd century of value adding sustainable technologies

Our Business Model

Our Business Model

We create value from applying our expertise in chemistry and its applications to innovate and improve solutions that are valued by our customers, optimise the use of natural resources and enhance quality of life

Our Values

Our Values

Our values highlight what is important to us, what makes us distinctive and what it’s like to work at Johnson Matthey