Our 3C Strategy will enable us to build our 3rd century of value adding sustainable technologies

Our strategy focuses on three powerful themes:

  • Collaborate
  • Customer Focus
  • Create Value.


Progress against priorities

Find out what progress we have made against our strategic priorities and what our aims are for the year ahead.

Strategy building blocks

Nine building blocks make up our strategy pyramid

Create value

Create value from strategic investments that accelerate and enhance our growth.

Customer focus

Focus on our customers. Target those who value technology and ensure we select attractive markets with strong external drivers.

Growth from new businesses

Develop new businesses that fit our technology competences and can provide the next material growth engines for the group.

Collaborate to leverage our expertise

Collaborate more, for smarter, closer working, with even greater flexibility so we can better leverage our expertise across the company.

The best of big and small

Marry our ‘small company’ flexibility with our ‘large company’ global strengths to ensure we can be both nimble and competitive as we continue to grow.

The Johnson Matthey culture

Evolve our culture through living our values by applying what has made us successful and unique in the past to the challenges of today’s complex and global marketplace.

Operational excellence and sustainability

Be the best we can be, pursuing operational excellence and sustainable business practices to enhance our operations, keep our people safe, protect our reputation and make a positive contribution to the world around us.

Build on our core strengths

Build on our core strengths in advanced materials and technology to develop the next generation of sustainable technologies.

Invest in people, products and technology

Invest in our people to develop the best talent across our business; also invest in our products and technology. In doing this we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors.