Chief Executive Robert MacLeod on the importance of our apprenticeship programme

Chief Executive Robert MacLeod

"At Johnson Matthey we are committed to a world that is cleaner and healthier. To do this, we apply our cutting edge science to develop solutions with our customers and other partners that make a real difference to the world around us.

Of course, we could not achieve this without top class people with all the necessary skills. JM is a diverse company and as such we need a range of people with expertise in many different areas. The best way to access these capabilities is for us to train and develop people ourselves and equip them for the tasks in hand.

As such, our apprentices play a vital role across the company and we are committed to broadening and deepening our apprenticeship programme to ensure that we access sufficient people and then provide them with the right skills to have a long and successful career with JM."

Robert MacLeod
Chief Executive