We provide opportunities few others can offer. From the word go, you'll be involved in research and development projects that help deliver leading edge technologies whilst developing a dynamic future for yourself

Technology Centre Graduate Opportunities

The Johnson Matthey Technology Centre carries out research work for the Johnson Matthey group. The growth of our worldwide businesses depends on the constant flow of new ideas. That's why we give graduates energising opportunities where you are able to work at the leading edge of science, in areas such as:

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  • Emission control
  • Catalysts and materials
  • Low carbon technologies
  • Fuel cells and electrochemistry
  • Platinum group metals refining
  • Advanced characterisation
  • New applications

Where we are

We have two technology centres in the UK, one based at Sonning Common, Berkshire and the other at our site in Billingham in the North East. We also run smaller technology centres in Savannah, USA, Pretoria, and South Africa.

Who we're looking for

We need ambitious, focused graduates with a first degree, PhD or equivalent in chemistry, chemical engineering or materials science. Our vacancies run throughout the year, so please keep an eye on our current vacancies.

What we offer you

Working as a graduate from day one you will receive individual training from colleagues. This is then developed by the formal training we have specialised for graduate recruits.

As you further your career there could be opportunities to export your expertise and yourself to other parts of Johnson Matthey around the world.

What our graduates do

You will be given real responsibilities working within a team environment on new or existing projects. You will be communicating with external researchers, scientists and broadening your scientific horizons.

As you progress, there will be exciting opportunities to develop your career in a number of different directions. The technology centre provides a great foundation for you to move on to the various divisions within Johnson Matthey.


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