Louise's interest in seeing experiments scale up to commercial projects has led to her becoming Technology Director for North America in our largest business

Louise Anold, BSc in Environmental and Industrial Chemistry from the University of Essex and PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the Universities of Oxford and Essex; joined Johnson Matthey in 2000 as a Process Development Chemist

During my PhD I received a funding award from Johnson Matthey (Colours and Coatings). After a short period working for Pfizer after finishing my studies I began working for Johnson Matthey as a Process Development Chemist based in the Emission Control Technologies (ECT) Technology Centre in Royston.

“I was excited to apply my academic skills to more commercial projects"

I was soon propelled into the plant environment and was excited to apply my academic skills to more commercial projects. I found it fascinating to see how small scale experiments could be implemented as large scale processes.

It wasn't long before opportunities for international travel supporting our ECT sites around the world became available, which I was delighted to pursue.

Developing relationships

Three years later I moved to a different position in Gasoline Product Development. My role was to listen to the customer's technical needs and turn that into a formulated product that we could manufacture in our plants. I was focused on developing key relationships with technical groups in the automotive industry, where I liaised with a broad selection of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) from Audi to Aston Martin.

Introducing change

I was then offered the opportunity to work on developing and formalising ECT Europe New Product Introduction (NPI) process. Johnson Matthey's increasingly complex products and processes with increasing customer demands needed a sophisticated system which would meet both customer and quality requirements.

This project saw both my own, and Johnson Matthey's, introduction to SharePoint, a Microsoft platform that firms can integrate in order to streamline corporate structures. I established the NPI group as NPI Manager, which was my role until very recently.

From Process Chemist to Technology Director

My new position as Technology Director for North America has taken me across the world to Johnson Matthey's Wayne facility in the USA where I lead a 100 strong team of dedicated scientists and engineers who develop and demonstrate to our customers Johnson Matthey's innovative and customer-focused products.

One of my key responsibilities is to work with our technology centres to maintain the direction of Johnson Matthey technology, in response to demand from an increasingly global range of customers. One of my major challenges is how to keep developing and challenging the individuals in my team to reach their full potential either as experts in their fields or as future leaders in Johnson Matthey.

The most valuable lesson I've learnt?

“You don't dread Monday mornings if you love what you do"

Being able to cross the Atlantic for this fantastic opportunity with Johnson Matthey, I can say with assurance that the most valuable lesson I've taken from my time here is that you don't dread Monday mornings if you love what you do.

I have one thing to say to those of you considering a career with Johnson Matthey: Do it.