From coaching and mentoring to our training scheme for graduate recruits, the development of our employees is a high priority for Johnson Matthey

Our graduate orientation programme is one of the many training and development opportunities we offer employees at different stages of their career
Our graduate orientation programme is one of the many training and development opportunities we offer employees at different stages of their career

A benefit of working for Johnson Matthey is the opportunity to take advantage of the excellent training and development we offer. Whether you join as a recent graduate, an apprentice or come with some experience, you will be given real responsibility early on, and your manager and experienced colleagues will support you through coaching and training.

We have a strong tradition of promoting people from within and give those who stand out exciting career opportunities

Building your career

We believe that the best way to learn and develop is to build your experience through early responsibility and exposure to interesting challenges in your job.

You will work alongside highly skilled and experienced colleagues who will guide you, and we support coaching and mentoring as effective ways of learning.

Your manager, as well as HR and training professionals are there to support you through regular personal development discussions and reviews.

We also offer:

  • A wide range of courses
  • Financial support for people taking relevant professional qualifications, certificates in management, diplomas and, where appropriate, MBAs.

We have a strong tradition of promoting people from within and provide those who stand out with exciting career opportunities. Many of our senior managers are people who joined Johnson Matthey directly from university, as you can read in the Meet our People section.

Learning and Development Programmes

Much of your induction as well as your professional development and training will take place in the business where you work. In addition to this, we offer a range of internal programmes which provide an introduction to Johnson Matthey's business and support you at different stages in your career.

The aims of these programmes are to:

  • Provide an understanding of the whole organisation beyond your own job
  • Develop your business awareness and understanding of good business practice
  • Allow you to network with colleagues across a large number of our businesses
  • Engage and involve you with Johnson Matthey's strategy and goals by meeting with senior managers.


Business Awareness Programmes: Career Foundation

Typically three-day events these programmes offer:

  • An overview of the different Johnson Matthey businesses
  • Networking with peers from different divisions
  • The opportunity to interact with senior managers and executives.

GO-JM – Graduate Orientation

In particular, the GO-JM (Graduate Orientation) event is an interesting but challenging introduction to Johnson Matthey. It`s an excellent way for those in their first job, following university, to meet their peers and understand how they can develop their careers within Johnson Matthey.

Technology Awareness

We also run a Technology Awareness programme aimed at scientists new to Johnson Matthey. This involves visiting major Technology Centres within Johnson Matthey to hear about project priorities from technology leaders, see equipment and facilities and exchange information about current research and development activities.

Talent Programmes: Leadership Development

We support our most talented people through programmes that help you develop as a leader in Johnson Matthey. These are aimed at experienced professionals and those in supervisory or first line manager roles and are run in the UK, US, China and India.

While the format of the programmes varies to cater for needs in the different regions, they all include the following key principles:

Learning priorities are highly relevant to Johnson Matthey's business and we include action learning and project work to help you apply your learning to the workplace.

You will focus on key leadership capabilities important for your further career development and have the opportunity to explore new skills.

We encourage you to think company-wide and learn more about different aspects of Johnson Matthey.

You will have exposure to people from all areas of Johnson Matthey as well as senior managers, and gain valuable insights into their experience.

Talent Programmes Leadership Development

Management Development Programmes: Mid and Senior Levels

As you progress to more senior roles, other learning and development opportunities open up for you.

Our Global Management Development Programme is aimed at experienced mid-level managers who have the potential to progress to more strategic leadership roles. For the most senior leaders in Johnson Matthey, we offer a world-class executive development programme in partnership with London Business School.

These are innovative and rich learning experiences which challenge participants from across the world to develop their leadership capabilities to a higher level. Members of the Johnson Matthey Board make themselves available as part of these programmes to discuss strategic business issues.