A project to improve a product line for our Emission Control Technologies (ECT) Division in China has resulted in a new catalyst which better meets our customers’ requirements

Quality control at our Shanghai facility in China
Quality control at our Shanghai facility in China

China is one of the world's largest and fastest growing markets, so innovating quickly to meet the expectations of our local customers is critical to our continuing success there.

The development team was working to a deadline to ensure an improved product would meet China's upcoming, tighter emissions legislation before the new laws came into effect.

Making products fit for market

Building on our experience of developing similar products for European and US markets, we looked carefully at the catalyst's fundamental composition and made changes, including moving to a local supplier for some of the required raw materials. This resulted in the introduction of an improved product which also uses less raw material than the original.

Customer focus

This project builds on our long tradition of working with our customers, understanding their challenges and delivering products that meet their specific needs.

The ideas and resulting innovations behind this project, a deep understanding of our customers' requirements, using alternative suppliers, using fewer natural resources and reimagining existing formulations, can also be applied to other markets and product lines. This gives ECT the potential to create even more value for Johnson Matthey and our customers in the future.