We are committed to developing a truly inclusive culture that is not only about supporting diversity within our company, but about leveraging that diversity to produce better products and services for our customers.

As a multinational company Johnson Matthey wants to attract, motivate and retain the best talent from around the globe. We aim to be a natural choice for recruits; a true meritocracy that welcomes all forms of difference, embraces diversity and promotes equality and inclusion.

We believe that being a truly inclusive company, where we respect individual differences and value the contribution of each employee, is a key component in our continued growth and success. Our commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive environment throughout Johnson Matthey underpins our strategy.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a key theme of our sustainable business goals to 2025 with our ambition to foster a truly inclusive culture. As our culture becomes more inclusive, so diversity will also flourish.

At a global level, a dedicated taskforce of champions is working with the wider business to develop and enhance our approach. Sponsored by a member of our GMC, this team provides guidance, coordination and vigilance around our priority initiatives, and leads best practices across the group.