We will achieve our vision for Sustainability 2017 in large part through our expertise in sustainable technologies

A sustainability team briefing in China
A sustainability team briefing in China

Our expertise in sustainable technologies is one of our key strengths, and we maintain a high level of investment in R&D to help us enhance our offerings and develop new products.

High standards of health and safety, environmental performance, integrity, governance and transparency are part of our approach to sustainability.

Action at all levels

To realise our ambitious goals we have turned to our local sites and businesses. They are rising to the challenge of achieving better performance, lower energy use and less waste through local projects, big and small.

Our R&D employees are working to develop our sustainable technologies further. The commitment and enterprising spirit of individuals, businesses and operations are detailed in our Sustainability in Action case studies.

Embedding sustainability

Sustainability has been embedded in the way we work. To understand how we are doing, we have set ourselves key performance indicators and report our progress every year in our Annual Report.