Employee involvement at a local level, communicating progress and recognising achievement are key to our three phase approach to sustainability

Sustainability initiatives are developed at local level, driven by the enthusiasm and motivation of our employees. Communicating progress is an essential part of our approach and we also recognise achievement through the three sustainability categories in our annual 3C Awards.

Local action

We believe that our businesses in different regions are best placed to identify the opportunities for sustainability initiatives that are most meaningful to them.

So we have devolved responsibility for implementing our sustainability vision to our businesses. They develop local projects, underpinned by the wider corporate vision which ensures a consistent, group wide understanding.

We link sustainable practices with commercial advantage. Sustainability makes us efficient and in turn more competitive in the marketplace. For this reason we treat it like any other business activity. It has been embedded in our management systems and is built into our business planning. Sustainability plans are incorporated in the annual budget process.

Communication and recognition

From the start of Sustainability 2017 we have put an emphasis on effective internal communication. We continue to provide training, seminars and workshops to explain and help set sustainability activities in motion and keep our employees up to date about how sustainable business thinking continues to evolve. Everyone in the group is able to feed back their ideas and share good practice on sustainability through myJM, Johnson Matthey's collaboration platform. It also offers a central source of information which employees can draw upon to support their initiatives. We have also implemented an online sustainability awareness course for all of our employees. Regular site reviews also take place throughout the business.

Externally, we communicate our progress through our integrated Annual Report.

3C Awards

We have established annual internal awards that recognise sustainability initiatives across the group. Individuals, teams, businesses and sites are all eligible and awards are made across all aspects and functions of our business. The awards showcase the winning entries, clarify the achievements of all who participate and bring together the activities of everyone in Johnson Matthey, wherever they are in the world.

Sustainability across the supply chain

We are also extending our sustainability efforts beyond our own businesses and workforce and are involving our employees, suppliers and customers in continuing dialogue. We regularly conduct an assessment of the issues that matter most to them (a materiality assessment) and use this feedback to inform our strategic approach and goal setting.

Above all, we believe that sustainability is a team game. Whether they are putting forward an idea for saving energy, giving time to their local community or charity to help it prosper or developing a pollution control technology, our employees are playing a vital role in building a more sustainable business for the future.

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