There are two key business drivers underlying our approach to running our business in a sustainable way:

  • To be more efficient with the resources we use as a business
  • To design new products and services which help our customers to be more sustainable and competitive.

Being efficient

By saving resources, from major spend categories such as energy, raw materials and water through to things we take for granted, such as supplementary materials and business materials, we are making Johnson Matthey a more sustainable company, reducing our impact on the planet and saving money at the same time.

Sustainable technologies

By developing improved, more efficient, more durable products for our customers and developing our existing products to make them more efficient in use, we will enhance our customers' performance, improve their sustainability performance and at the same time improve our competitiveness.

Together these drivers support the development of products and services which have a beneficial impact on the planet, through protection of the environment, improving health and utilising resources more efficiently.