Refining and Precious Metal Management Services

Johnson Matthey is the largest global full service refiner of precious metals with almost 200 years of experience in the recycling and management of these valuable materials


Platinum Group Metals

Our Pgm Refining business offers a comprehensive range of traditional refining techniques to recover platinum group metals (pgms):

  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Iridium
  • Rhodium
  • Ruthenium.

We refine primary pgms from global mining operations as well as secondary materials such as spent catalysts. We handle a variety of material types from the automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Scavenging Technologies

The business also supplies scavenging technologies for the recovery of low level metals (both pgms and other metal species) from pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, other industrial processes and refining waste streams. These scavenging technologies are marketed under the Smopex®, QuadrapureTM and QuadrasilTM brands.

Gold and Silver

Johnson Matthey also refines gold and silver at its world scale operations in Salt Lake City, USA and Brampton in Canada. Our refineries process high grade gold and silver bullion received as:

  • Primary doré from the mining industry
  • Secondary recycled jewellery
  • Industrial scrap from major manufacturers and an extensive network of regional collectors
  • Material from several financial institutions.

Precious Metal Management Services

Johnson Matthey’s Precious Metals Marketing (PMM) business provides a range of management services for platinum group metals (pgms).

Its secure storage facilities in the UK and the USA are internationally recognised trading locations which act as liquidity hubs for pgm ingot, grain and sponge and are used to facilitate metal transactions by mining companies, refiners, fabricators, traders and end users worldwide.

PMM provides a full range of metal trading services for the international pgm industry: these include the operation of client metal accounts, pricing alternatives for buying or selling pgms and arranging delivery of metals to international locations.

PMM offers to advise clients on trends in pgm markets, informed by its regular reviews of pgm price movements and its unique in-depth research into pgm market supply and demand.

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