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Nitinol is used in a wide range of applications in markets such as vascular intervention, orthopedic, neurovascular, endoscopy and dentistry. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and shape setting Nitinol tube, sheet, and components for the medical device industry, we have the expertise to meet rigorous specifications.

Technical specification
 Product  Specifications  Features
Nitinol tube • Outer diameters 0.24 mm and above
• Premium ID capability for implants
• ID and OD surfaces can be customized
• Material can be provided as super elastic or higher transformation temperature shape memory
• OD - Etched/centreless ground/oxide
• ID – Premium ID/etched/slurry finished/oxide
• Premium ID for implants can be provided with oxide or oxide free surfaces
Nitinol sheet and foil • Sheet thickness 0.05 mm and above
• Material can be provided as super
elastic or higher transformation temperature shape memory
 • Etched or oxide surfaces
Shape setting and machining Nitinol components  • We machine and shape set components per customer specifications and designs
• Nitinol tube, sheet, and wire based designs are supported
 • Laser cutting, EDM, waterjet cutting, photo-chemical etching, taper grinding, centerless grinding, needle grinding
• Extensive experience with shape setting nitinol into complex three dimensional forms

An advanced material like Nitinol possesses critical physical and mechanical properties and offers elegant solutions to meet complex anatomical and physiological needs. Nitinol’s biocompatibility, kink resistance, superelasticity and ability to shape set, helps medical device designers to develop next-generation medical devices. From producing a cost-effective implant grade premium ID Nitinol tube (improving stent yield and cost control for stent producers) to excellent thickness control to create the thinnest sheet in the industry, JM is your trusted choice for Nitinol.

Our products include:

  • Nitinol tube.
  • Nitinol sheet and foil.
  • Shape setting and machine Nitinol components.

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