Drug conjugate and linkers

Our highly skilled process chemists and analytical scientists possess over a decade of experience developing and scaling up processes for linking small molecule payloads to polymers in support of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), polymer drug conjugates and other drug delivery applications.

  • Expertise from development through large scale cGMP manufacturing
  • High potency compounds
  • SafeBridge® category 4
  • Controlled Substances I-V
  • Control of molecular weight distribution
  • Diafiltration/tangential flow filtration (TFF) /reverse osmosis
  • Large column chromatography
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • GPC/SEC for MW determination
  • MALS coupled with Viscostarfor MW and hydrodynamic radius determination
  • Lyophilization

Johnson Matthey partners with Immunomedics to develop life-saving cancer treatment.

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