Our values

Our five core values provide the framework against which we engage with each other, with our customers and with our stakeholders. They guide how we do things in JM and shape the right culture to achieve our strategy.

Sunset and canoes

Protecting people and the planet 

We practise the highest standards of health and safety, promote wellbeing for people both inside and outside of work, and seek to safeguard our planet.

Hiker on mountain top

Acting with integrity 

We do the right thing, for people and for the world. We do what we say we’ll do, expect the same of each other and speak up when there’s a problem. We place importance on relationships internally and externally, treating others with respect and care.


Working together 

We encourage collaboration inside JM and out, sharing and embracing diverse viewpoints. We tackle problems together, put our ideas into practice and take pride in combining our contributions to create something better for JM and our customers.

Innovating and improving 

We adapt and embrace new ideas to make us stronger and our world cleaner and healthier. We are confident and resilient through change; growing and developing ourselves and JM, to ensure we are a leader in our chosen markets.

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Owning what we do 

We take accountability for our own work, and know we are also part of something bigger. We take the initiative, seek clarity and demand high standards from ourselves and our colleagues.