With increasing clean air concerns from both consumers and governments, improving air quality has never been higher on the agenda, with tightening legislation and a race towards effective electric vehicles.

What we do

We use complex science to create innovative products that drastically reduce automotive emissions and enable the cleaner technologies of tomorrow. In fact, last year we stopped around 20 million tonnes of pollutants in their tracks.


Our solutions include:
  • Emission control catalysts and systems for petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles including cars, trucks, buses and non-road mobile machinery.
  • Battery materials and systems for vehicles, fuel cell catalysts and components.
  • Components for sensors, spark plugs and automotive glass.
  • Platinum group metal (pgm) refining and recycling.


We can help you to:
  • Meet increasingly tight legislative emission standards.
  • Improve your performance and cost competitiveness across the full spectrum of electric vehicles.
  • Deliver reliable performance.

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