Emission control catalyst

Emissions control

Catalytic converters

1 in 3

cars on the road use a JM catalytic converter

Cleaner air

20 million tonnes

of pollutants stopped by JM’s emission control catalysts each year

We're pioneers in the field of emission controls, having made the first commercial emission control catalysts in 1974.

As world leaders in the technology, we've been working for more than 40 years to help make the world's air cleaner, creating ever-more sophisticated systems to remove pollutants from a wide range of sources. We supply catalysts to leading automobile manufacturers in India direct from our Manesar site.

Market applications

More than 90% of new passenger vehicles - cars, vans and light trucks - are now fitted with catalysts, one third of which have been supplied by Johnson Matthey.


Three-way catalyst (TWC)

Gasoline or petrol fuelled vehicles typically use a three-way catalyst (TWC), so-called because it converts three pollutants:

  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrocarbons (HC)
  • Oxides of nitrogen (NOx)

- to carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen.

Conversion rates of over 90% are possible.


Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)

Diesel engines require a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) to remove CO and HC and can also reduce particulate matter (PM) by up to 50%.

More effective PM removal is achieved with diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems.

With stringent Bharat Stage (BS III/ BS IV) emission standards rolled out, it is mandatory for all new vehicles manufactured in India to be complaint with these standards and regulate the output of air pollutants. We recognise the value of working with our customers to produce the best overall catalyst and vehicle configuration for motorcycles. 


Our testing facilities

We evaluate vehicles at our state-of-the-art testing facilities and review the results with manufacturers in comprehensive catalyst development and application programmes.

Based on a greater understanding of the chemical processes specific to motorcycle pollutant conversion, Johnson Matthey has developed a new generation of highly durable catalyst formulations and novel catalyst substrates for motorcycles.

Johnson Matthey offers a number of emissions reduction systems that can be fitted to diesel vehicles and machinery already in service.

The wide variety of applications, markets, legislation and fuel quality around the world means that the range of products available is tailored for different markets worldwide.

Johnson Matthey offers products and technologies for the reduction of emissions from trucks and buses to engine and vehicle OEMs. Our world-leading catalyst technologies are tailored to individual requirements, supported by extensive laboratory and bench-engine testing facilities, computer-modelling capabilities and proven manufacturing expertise.

We also offer a range of diesel retrofit solutions for the owners and operators of vehicles already in service.

Johnson Matthey is a world leader in the manufacture of catalysts and catalytic emission control systems to reduce air pollution from stationary and non-road sources of emissions. Our air pollution solutions include:

  • Oxidation catalysts and catalytic converters for control of CO and VOCs from industry and power generation
  • Three-way catalysts and catalytic converters for control of NOx, CO and VOCs from rich-burn engines
  • SCR catalysts and systems for control of NOx from coal-fired power plants, waste incineration facilities, manufacturing plants, engines and turbines, and marine power sources
  • Diesel particulate filter systems for control of diesel PM from stationary engines and non-road machines

There is a Johnson Matthey catalytic solution to control air pollution from almost every stationary emission source for cleaner industry, cleaner energy and cleaner air.

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