As the global population grows and demographics change, consumer expectations are putting more pressure on chemical producers to produce more for less.

What we do

As a leader in specialty chemicals, our expertise is geared towards making the best use of limited natural resources, with a constant focus on improving and refining products, processes and techniques.


Our solutions include:
  • Catalyst solutions, optimisation and recycling.
  • Licensed processes and technologies.
  • Life cycle analysis and technical services.
  • Technologies for bio-based processing.


We can help you to:
  • Create high efficiency and optimum yields, leading to lower operating costs.
  • Optimise processes to ensure low capital costs and minimum feedstock losses.
  • Reduce emissions to meet sustainability targets.

Areas of expertise

JM specialists support customers across India and globally within the following areas.


We are the world-leader in the fertiliser industry and have the greatest depth and breadth of knowledge, providing catalysts used in ammonia, nitric acid and urea production.


We have a broad range of research and development interests in biorenewables, supplying a range of catalysts and process technologies to offer economically attractive and sustainable opportunities.

Core technologies

Including amination, hydrogenation, Fischer-Tropsch, esterification and CANS novel reactors technologies.

Custom catalysts

Our custom catalyst programmes deliver products suitable for reliable scale up from gram to kilo and kilo to tonne for customers worldwide.


We offer both formaldehyde process technology and catalysts through our FORMOX™ brand.

Licensed processes

Including gas to liquids, substitute natural gas (SNG), purification, biodiesel and oxo alcohols processes.


We are the world's leading supplier of methanol and syngas technologies, with customers around the globe using our process.


Catalysts for the production of edible oils, fatty acids, polyols and natural detergent alcohols.


Including olefins, alcohols, solvents and fuels, fluorochemicals, chemical intermediates and environmental.

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