Oil and gas

With variable commodity prices and increasing pressure on natural resource reserves, oil and gas operators must work hard to ensure the most efficient extraction and processing possible.

What we do

We use our industry and chemistry expertise to create the best return on investment for your oil and gas operations.


Our solutions include:
  • Catalysts.
  • Purification.
  • Refinery additives and addition systems.
  • Diagnostic services.


We can help you to:
  • Optimise your processes to increase outputs and improve efficiency.
  • Reduce your capex and opex, increasing return on investment.
  • Lower emissions to meet sustainability goals and legislative standards.
  • Improve process safety.

Areas of expertise

Johnson Matthey offers a wide range of catalysts, process technologies and services for the petrochemical industries. We have a reputation for leading process and catalyst development in these areas, and constantly strive to deliver even better products and processes for our customers.



High performance catalysts and absorbents for the olefins value chain including acetylene conversion, MAPD conversion, C4 hydrogenation, pyrolysis gas, purification and methanation.



We offer processes, technologies, base and pgm catalysts for oxo-alcohols, BDO production and ring hydrogenation for plasticisers.


Solvents and fuels

Catalysts for de-aromatisation, saturation and sulphur removal in hydrocarbons plus technology for NMP, DME, DMF and ethyl acetate.



Bulk and promoted chromia and pgm catalysts for hydrofluorination and hydrodehalogenation.



Market leading FORMOX™ process technology, catalysts and services for formaldehyde production.


Chemical intermediates

Catalysts, processes and technologies for chemical intermediates such as amines, aniline, hydrogen peroxide, caprolactam and other intermediates.



Catalysts and technologies for the reduction of VOCs, odour removal, COD and hypochlorite destruction.

We offer specialised high performance catalysts, absorbents, additives, addition systems and process technologies to the global refining market.

We manufacture and supply a range of high performance refining solutions for the oil refining industry:

  • PURASPECTM absorbents and process technologies – designed to remove undesired impurities such as chloride, mercury, sulphur and arsenic from hydrocarbon gases and liquid.
  • KATALCOTM catalysts – our world-leading products used for on-purpose hydrogen production via the steam reforming process.
  • CATACELTM structured foil supported catalysts for hydrogen production.
  • INTERCATTM additives and additions systems – the market leading speciality additives and addition systems used in the refinery's fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit.
  • TRACERCO DIAGNOSTICSTM services and Tracerco instruments – services for the refining industry, to lower operating costs and increase production capacity.

Johnson Matthey has more than 25 years' experience in purification solutions for the gas processing industry.

We offer PURASPECTM processes, which are based on fixed beds of absorbents to remove traces of contaminants from hydrocarbon gases and liquids. In particular the processes carry out:

  • Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal
  • Carbonyl sulphide (COS) removal
  • Mercury (Hg) removal
  • Arsine (AsH3) removal.


The choice of absorbent and the design of the reactor vessel will vary according to the type of feedstock, the level of contaminants, pressure and temperature conditions and the pipeline or end-user purity specification.

The processes deliver a wide range of operating benefits:

  • Low capital cost
  • Impurity removal to very low levels
  • Effective low temperature operation
  • Easy retrofitting
  • No feedstock losses
  • High operating flexibility
  • Environmentally friendly reprocessing.

PURASPEC performance is well proven within the industry with hundreds of installations worldwide both offshore and onshore. The PURASPEC range of absorbents and technologies is used by most of the major and state owned oil companies.

Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey, is a world-leading industrial technology company providing unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions. Its goal is to drive technical innovation to bring significant benefits to our customers in the petroleum industry and in the security tagging niches we serve.

Diagnostic services
Tracerco's innovative technologies are used to measure, characterise and control process systems and diagnose operational problems in all aspects of oil and gas production – from reservoir management and refining to retail outlets for consumer fuel products.

We have a worldwide network of operational bases in 29 different locations serving a global customer base.

Product range
Our extensive range of products and services include:

  • Reservoir characterisation.
  • Subsea services for pipeline diagnostics including flow assurance and integrity data.
  • Instrumentation from subsea to downstream and refinery.
  • Process diagnostic services to improve process control and optimise asset performance.
  • Radiation monitors, radiation protection advice and training.
  • Analytical services.
  • Tagging technology for brand protection of industrial products from counterfeiting or adulteration.

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