Our sector structure

We organise ourselves into four sectors, aligned to the needs of our customers and the global challenges we are tackling. We're structured internally into the groups listed below, which is also how we report on our financial performance.


Clean Air

Governments and consumers are increasingly concerned about air quality, with regulations and legislation tightening. Our Clean Air sector helps meet these challenges, helping to effectively and efficiently reduce emissions from vehicles and other sources. 

Related business areas:

  • Light Duty Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Diesel
  • Stationary Emission Controls

 Related industries:


Efficient Natural Resources

With the rise of both population figures and consumer expectations, thoughts are turning to how we can make more of the resources we have available. Our Efficient Natural Resources sector helps customers to achieve greater efficiency and optimal yields in the use of these natural resources. 

Related business areas:

  • Catalyst Technologies
  • Platinum Group Metals Services
  • Advanced Glass Technologies
  • Diagnostic Services

 Related industries:



The need for affordable, and increasingly personalised, healthcare is on the rise. Our Health sector creates complex solutions to improve the efficiency of products and speed up the route to market, getting more effective treatments to the consumer faster.

Related business areas:

  • Generics
  • Innovators

Related industries:


New Markets

As a company with science and innovation at the heart of what we do, Johnson Matthey never stands still. Our New Markets sector exists to meet this demand, nurturing the potential future growth areas of the business to find new focuses for innovation and success.

Related sub-sectors:

  • Alternative Powertrain
  • Medical Device Components
  • Life Science Technologies

Related industries:

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