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JM hits match funding milestone

31st October 2018

We employ over 14,000 hardworking and passionate people, each of whom has a story to tell and a cause to support.

£50k half year milestone

Since April 2018, JM has donated more than £50,000 to charities around the world to match the funds raised by our people. That means well over £100,000 has been given to charity thanks to their efforts and achievements.


Raising the bar

Through activities such as skydiving, head shaving, cycling, running and baking, our people have worked hard to help others. We're on track to reaching our highest match funding total to date. 

The match funding programme not only allows JM to fund causes which are important to our people, but it means we can support hundreds of different organisations around the world. We’ve reached families from the desert state of Rajasthan, India, and the remote region of Togo, West Africa. Stray and unwanted Siberian huskies have been rehomed in the states; and children living difficult lives in the UK have benefited from exciting day trips.

Employees at our site in Royston have raised the most money – an impressive £15,000. Over £10,000 has been donated to cancer research and support charities, and the same amount has gone towards helping young people.

We look forward to the growing achievements of our people and the important impact they can have through their own fundraising efforts and the support of JM’s matched donations.

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