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Promoting independence in blind young people

11th October 2018

Johnson Matthey and Royal Society of Blind Children (RSBC, formerly RLSB) have a long history: our founders were once married. To this day, JM is proud to continuously support the RSBC in their life changing work. 

Over the last six months, 20 blind young people have been attending various workshops and learning activities that support and encourage their independence. Funded by JM, the social and peer group has organised activities that increase young people’s mobility around London and improves their social skills with both sighted and non-sighted peers. The group aims to improve the members’ confidence by ensuring they feel a valued and important member of their community.

Social and peer group achievements

Learning to travel around London, gaining a better understanding of money, and working towards becoming financially intelligent and independent are taught through interactive workshops. 17 young people achieved four AQA certificates in subjects around money management, budgeting skills and problem solving.

The group facilitators have worked hard on a programme called Money Mechanics, which teaches young people about opening a bank account, handling money, saving money and being responsible with it. A more advanced session will take place later in the year to expand on the skills already learned.

The social and peer group also supports its young people to talk confidently about their eye condition. The more comfortable they are explaining their support needs, the less chance they will become isolated, especially in an education setting. 


Memorable moments

A highlight of the year was the group’s trip to the National Theatre to watch Pinocchio. After the show, the group were given a touch tour of the stage and met some of the actors.

Other highlights include an accessible cycling session held at the Olympic Park and a fully accessible trip to the Tower of London. 

We are proud to support this working peer group on their journey to becoming independent adults who are confident and capable to look after themselves.

Visit RSBC’s website to find out more about their work with blind young people and their families.


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