Sierra Leone teacher.

Reaching our fundraising target with Plan International

11th October 2017
Johnson Matthey employees raised £75,000 in 2016/2017 for Plan International's Teacher Training College, a project that helps women to become teachers in Sierra Leone.

Fighting gender inequality

The project seeked to break down barriers to girls reaching their potential by addressing gender inequality from the cause. Biases against girls run deep and often begin in education systems. This inequality results in only a quarter of girls making the transition from primary to secondary school across the country, making it hard for these girls to acquire skills and join the labour market.

Plan International believe girls respond better to - and are most motivated by - female teachers. Only 16% of primary school teachers and 8% of secondary teachers exist in rural Sierra Leone. While the lack of female authority figures can be a barrier, this isn't the only problem that girls have to face. Culturally, girls are viewed as less intellectual and are given less attention and encouragement to perform in schools. Training more female teachers will hopefully improve the quality of education and retention rates of girls.

Project Impact

Our donations currently support 36 women on their 3-year teacher training journey, which covers tuition fees, transportation costs and the technical delivery of tutorials. Once they graduate, these women will be agents of change in their communities, potentially increasing 6,800 girls' educational attainment

Watch the video below to hear Sally Jones, Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications at Johnson Matthey, explain why the Teacher Training College is so important.


Girl at school in Sierra Leone.

Supporting female teachers in Sierra Leone

Hear what Sally Jones has to say on partnering with Plan International.