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Supporting education in Zimbabwe

6th February 2017

We've partnered with We See Hope, a charity that supports orphans and vulnerable children in extreme poverty in Africa.

Johnson Matthey's partnership with We See Hope, a charity that supports orphans and other vulnerable children living in extreme poverty in Africa, is already making a positive impact after only its first year.

Johnson Matthey is providing significant funding over three years for the Simukai Child Protection programme, which encompasses 26 projects that reach almost 60,000 orphans and vulnerable children across six countries in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Chief Executive of We See Hope, Mark Glen, said Johnson Matthey has helped the team carefully develop the various components of the programme and ensure its long term impact.

"We have continued to see much immediate impact, and also long term change for these communities," he said.

"Thank you, as always, for the very loyal and committed support from Johnson Matthey."


Education to combat poverty

The programme focuses on reducing the number of children living and working on the streets, increasing child participation in education, training related to child welfare and protection, and developing the capacity of parents and guardians to support children for the long term.

This funding is part of Johnson Matthey's comprehensive charitable giving programme, which includes fundraising for an annual Charity of the Year, support to charitable organisations for educational causes over a defined period, and a 'matched funding' scheme, where the business will match funds raised by staff. Sites worldwide also support causes in their local communities.