Bike riding via fund-raising

Employee engagement

Everyone at JM has a story to tell and skills to offer. Through our volunteering and match funding programmes, we aim to capitalise on this. We invest in our people because we believe they can make a difference.

Volunteering programme

Our employees can take two paid volunteering days to go out and work within their community. This may involve planting trees in local areas, mentoring young people, or offering expertise to small charities. Increasing our community investment through the volunteering programme is one of our sustainability goals to 2025. We have a global ‘volunteer tracker’ system which digitally monitors the number of volunteering days taken by our employees. Our target to 2025 is 50,000 days.


Match-funding programme

Johnson Matthey matches up to £1,000 of money raised per employee each year. This is a hugely successful initiative. Our people take part in a wide range of local fundraising activities - like marathons, boxing matches and sky dives - to raise money for charities of their choice. It means JM can help a wider remit of organisations, while supporting our employees with causes they care about.

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