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Responsible and effective operations

Our science is applied by customers every day to create products that improve the environment and make the world around us cleaner and healthier. We also take responsibility to ensure the way we run our operations is efficient and environmentally conscious.

Our vision for a cleaner, healthier world demands us to operate our business responsibly and with a relentless focus on efficiency and excellence. This cuts across everything we do: from common systems and core processes to the way we manage and drive the environmental performance of our assets.

During our now completed ten-year strategy, Sustainability 2017, we halved our operational carbon footprint and our use of energy and water per unit of sales. These efforts, combined with those in our Manufacturing Excellence programme, delivered bottom line savings of £142 million. But now we want to go further. Building on the impressive achievements of Sustainability 2017, we have set ourselves more stringent targets to 2025 and are incorporating a stronger external focus.

Annual Report

For a detailed look at all aspects of responsible and effective operations, view our latest Annual Report.  

Annual Report 2018