Every year we undertake a comprehensive review of group environmental performance across all our manufacturing, R&D facilities and large offices that are under our financial control.

It’s fundamental to us that we manufacture efficiently and responsibly to drive economic and environmental performance. That’s why we have programmes, group policies and systems in place to optimise our manufacturing assets and help us realise continuous improvement.

In the last year (compared to the previous year), we reduced our operational carbon footprint by 5%, energy consumption by 1% and waste to landfill by 9%, demonstrating the positive impact of our sustainability and continuous improvement efforts as our business grows.


Climate change action

Having halved our carbon intensity over the ten years of Sustainability 2017, we are looking to extend our efforts in this area. We have set ourselves a new carbon intensity goal in which we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per unit of production output by 25%. Ultimately, this is so we can drive operational improvements further and reduce the impact of our business on climate change. This is one of the themes of our sustainable business goals to 2025.

Furthermore, one of our new sustainable business goals is to double the positive impact that our products, services and technologies make to a cleaner, healthier world. Part of achieving this aim will include doubling the tonnes of pollutants removed and greenhouse gas emissions removed by the time we reach 2025.

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