Johnson Matthey's approach to the European Union Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

This section outlines key elements of Johnson Matthey's programme covering REACH (the European Union Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals).

It is intended to help our customers and supply chain partners understand our compliance approach, and to answer some frequently asked questions. You can find information here on how we are supporting our products and ensuring regulatory compliance with REACH. The content covers specifics of interest to both EU and non-EU customers and also our suppliers.

Johnson Matthey is a company with diverse divisions and businesses spanning catalysts, chemical products and pharmaceutical intermediates. In this section you can also access Johnson Matthey's individual operating unit websites and their statements concerning REACH.

More on REACH

REACH applies to all companies within the EU which manufacture, import, formulate or use chemical substances. Therefore the complete supply chain shares responsibility for implementing the measures which are intended to improve safety in the production and use of substances.

What we are doing to support our products through REACH

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  • Johnson Matthey has established a REACH programme management framework to ensure effective coordination of REACH compliance across the company. This networks to a team of technical specialists at business unit level who are responsible for individual product support actions and supply chain support.
  • We will be regularly updating our customers and supply chain partners on REACH registration progress. Our customers and suppliers can of course contact the business level groups if they need specific REACH information. However, to try and save you effort in this area, a number of resources exist on this REACH section of the website which should provide answers to many of the routinely raised questions.
  • In order to maximise the level of product support to our customers we have built up significant levels of technical expertise covering regulatory aspects of REACH, compliance pathways, and on efficient ways to conduct substance assessment and testing programmes. This is integrated as part of the product stewardship package provided with our products.
  • Johnson Matthey legal entities have pre-registered their substances within the scope and tonnage band requirements of REACH. This action covers individual substances whether on their own, or as present in mixtures, and in some cases when present in articles. The scope of these pre-registrations spans products manufactured within the EU, or imported into the EU.
  • Johnson Matthey is participating in as many industry consortia as possible to cooperate on establishing the REACH substance datasets at the earliest opportunity.
  • We are now actively engaged in conducting the testing and assessment programmes for individual substances. Our business units will notify customers as the various REACH registrations are secured and update our related product stewardship documents such as safety datasheets, e.g. with REACH Registration Numbers, and Exposure Scenarios including any updated Risk Management Measures.
  • Johnson Matthey legal entities have successfully registered a number of substances in the first and second registration phases up to 1st December 2010 and 1st June 2013, respectively. We completed our 1 to 100 tonne per annum substance registrations for our operations in the EU in good time for the May 2018 deadline.
  • We have a system to check with our upstream supply chain partners that substances sourced from them for incorporation into our products are in turn covered by their pre-registration and registration programmes. This will ensure that all our key raw materials will be supported and that our manufacturing processes will not be adversely affected by REACH.

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