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Project summary

Advanced direct biogas fuel processor for robust and cost effective decentralised hydrogen production.

As a consortium member, we're involved in developing an advanced direct biogas fuel processor. The fuel processor will produce hydrogen from different biogas types in a cost effective and robust way.


Inspiring science in action

We are developing catalysts for the biogas oxidative stream reformer (partial oxidation and steam reforming), and coating these catalysts onto novel additive layer manufactured (ALM) substrates supplied by project partners. JM is also supplying current state of the art platinum group metal based water gas shift catalysts.


The collaboration

We are mainly working with CNRS and IRCE for the development of reforming catalysts, and with Engicer who are manufacturing the silicon carbide substrates for us to coat.


Enhancing life

Hydrogen is a fuel that will become increasingly relevant as we move to fuel cell vehicles and clean energy sources.

Want to collaborate with JM?

With our wide range of expertise and capabilities, we are involved in many external collaborative projects. If you would like to discuss potential projects with us, then please get in touch.

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