Knowledge and understanding is the foundation of everything we do. To produce efficient, robust catalysts, develop advanced materials and help customers solve problems, we need to understand how the structure and composition of our products relates to their performance and activity. We do this with a range of advanced characterisation techniques delivered by in-house experts, which underpin our research, development and customer support activities.

No more trial and error

We can provide our customers with detailed insights into why materials behave as they do. Our advanced characterisation techniques allow us to look at the chemical and thermal challenges being faced by our material products at an atomic scale during their operation. This gives our customers a good understanding of how these products will be affected by their production processes, and allows us to identify where changes must be made before the products are put into our customers’ chemical plants.

Our laboratories undertake activities ranging from bulk analysis to advanced materials characterisation, making sure every atom is effective, improving longevity and performance. We can also help customers identify contaminants that may have entered their production processes and give them the data they need for gaining regulatory approval for complex pharmaceutical materials.

The best clarity on materials

We've also invested at the Harwell Science Complex, which includes Diamond Light Source for synchrotron radiation, ISIS for neutron spectroscopies and the UK Central Laser facility, giving us access to world class capabilities for imaging and structural insight. Our teams can now investigate materials in unprecedented detail across biological and physical sciences at a range of scales.

Using such techniques provides us with information that we can use to support customers as they deploy their catalysts. This allows us to supply better performing, longer lasting, more cost-effective solutions, ensuring our customers can have confidence in our catalysts and materials throughout their whole lifecycle.

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