Difficult to manufacture, hazardous, potent and highly regulated complex chemicals require specialist skills to be produced safely, reliably and efficiently. To do this we call on our process designers, solid form services, engineering, advanced large scale chromatographic techniques, analytical and synthetic chemists.


Safe, reproducible, efficient

Our expertise in chemical synthesis covers organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds, including controlled substances, pharmaceutical ingredients, specialist salts, commodity chemicals and catalysts. These chemicals and processes are used in a wide range of applications from pain relief, to acetic acid manufacture. Our skills mean we can design, develop and scale up manufacture of these materials from laboratory to bulk scale, while never compromising on quality or safety. We use process and engineering modelling with statistical analysis to understand potential vulnerabilities in a process and define how to mitigate these and develop reliable routes to manufacture products at defined specifications.


From pharmaceuticals to silicone polymers

In the area of pharmaceuticals, our knowledge of organic chemistry, and process development enables customers to meet stringent and regulated industry requirements. With our expertise in analytical techniques, process design, computational modelling and purification, we develop safe, reliable manufacturing routes for complex molecules and catalysts, controlling quality, physical form, bioavailability and particle size distribution. We pride ourselves on the close, and longstanding relationships we develop with our customers, working alongside them from pre-clinical to commercial manufacture.

The same skills in careful handling and materials security are also used in our inorganic and organometallic product manufacture, especially where we're handling materials containing platinum group metals, transition metals or high value organic ligands. Many of these chemicals involve hazardous, sensitising or corrosive materials, and we ensure high standards in safe processing and handling. Our capabilities mean we manufacture products which can be tailored to meet defined customer specifications or we work with the customer to develop product specifications to meet particular properties. Having expertise in refining and emission control means we're well placed to safely control any potentially hazardous emissions or effluent from the manufacturing route, relieving our customers of this important aspect for safe production.

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Enzyme-catalysed process for the cosmetic industry


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