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Material design and engineering

A closer look at material design and engineering and why it's one of our core capabilities at JM.

Material design and engineering involves the close collaboration of experimental scientists, modellers and process engineers. We combine these three elements to understand the fundamental properties of materials at the atomic level and investigate how to improve them.

What is material design and engineering?

Material design and engineering is the understanding of molecular structures, probing physical properties and studying their chemical reactions. Doing this, we can design new compositions and structural features that will influence the chemical reactions and deliver specific properties and functions.


JM's material design and engineering expertise

Modelling is at the cutting edge of material design and gives us the insight needed to determine what will work and what won’t. Combining atomistic and physical modelling means that we can validate that proposed materials will work under process conditions and deliver optimised performance, meet specific customer requirements and reliably scale up production. Included within this capability are synthesis of zeolites, mixed metal oxides and inorganics, glass science, porosity control, nanoparticle synthesis and scale up and thermal processing.

Atomic scale modelling allows us to probe physical properties, study chemical reactions to suggest new compositions or structural features that could influence reactions, and design novel materials with specific properties and functions. Close collaboration between experimentalists and modellers accelerates the material discovery process, allowing iterative refinements of models and ultimately the synthesis of candidate materials.

We apply our materials design and engineering capabilities across our businesses, to develop supported catalysts, microporous materials and chemicals for emissions control, battery materials and process chemistry.

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