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Product formulation

Formulation requires a multi-disciplinary approach with access to experts in chemistry, processes, and scientific techniques. We bring these together along with our knowledge in materials processing and manufacturing to ensure we deliver active ingredients in a functional, stable and useable form.

Functionality and performance

Product formulation is the understanding of how materials behave and interact to provide enhanced properties, improved processing and delivery of an active ingredient in a convenient and useable form. If a formulation is not well understood, changes in the local environment or raw materials can have a drastic effect on the quality of the product or its long term stability.

Many facets are considered in parallel when formulating a product. Ingredients in a formulation work together and changing one can have a knock-on effect to others. In our laboratories, we bring together know-how on wide ranging aspects to develop a formulation that is fit for purpose, meets customers’ requirements, and delivers improved properties of active components, and our experts in chemistry, modelling, manufacturing, processing and engineering work together to define a formulation that is accurate, even, efficient and effective.

Safer, longer-lasting, more effective

Key aspects of product formulation include dispersion techniques, wetting agents, controlled crystallisation, additives, rheology and surface chemistry. The clever science we put into our products ensures that the active ingredients are evenly dispersed, the formulation is suited to the customers’ application, target loadings are delivered, active ingredients are better used, and stability and shelf life is the best it can be. The environmental safety of our products is of course very important to us, so we also work to ensure formulations avoid harmful ingredients, making your processing safer, and reducing risk.

Our formulation know-how is behind the successful application of products for automotive emissions control, advanced glass, printed electronics, batteries, food packaging, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals in a wide variety of ways, from precision spray coating to kneading and extruded pellets.

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