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Early form screening strategies to accelerate candidate selection

A whitepaper featuring a solid form expert, detailing early form screening strategies for pharmaceutical development and the importance of understanding an API’s solid form for formulation development.

Catalysts for collaboration

Demand for greener, more sustainable technologies in the pharma, agro and fine chemicals sectors is growing – catalysis is at the heart of this transformation.
Ahir Pushpanath

The elements of life: catalysing pharmaceutical innovation

JM's Ahir Pushpanath gives a fascinating insight into JM's developments in biocatalysis as he explores how enzymes' unique catalytic abilities drive science by connecting essential life elements.

The importance of solid form science in modern drug development

As the pharmaceutical industry turns to more complex chemical entities with increased molecular weight, enhancing solubility is becoming a key drug development challenge.
Joanna Clark

Building the battery of the future – today

In this article, New Scientist delve deeper into our next generation cathode material, eLNO.

The elements of future power

Johnson Matthey believes its new battery material eLNO will be the innovative technology that kick-starts a clean air, electric vehicle future.
Sam French

Unlocking hydrogen’s potential

Taking a closer look at how hydrogen can support the transition to greener and cleaner energy.

The elements of future energy

The hydrogen powered future is upon us. Preparing for it will require new technology – and chemistry is here to help, says JM's Jane Butcher, Sam French, Andy Walker and Barry Edmonstone-West.
Alan Nelson

The elements of business

JM's Chief Technology Officer, Alan Nelson, looks at the vital contributions that elements make to major industries today.
Chemical catalysts

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