Glass bottles

Precious metal solutions for glass manufacturing

JM is a long-established supplier to the glass industry, providing a range of platinum group metal (pgm) solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our ACTTM coatings can improve the efficiency of your process and the quality of your glass.

We are the only global fabricator that offers a complete range of complementing technologies for glass manufacturers across all sectors. We make tailored recommendations for your needs to help minimise costs and maximise benefits.

Our platinum group metal (pgm) products are inert in contact with molten glass, providing unequalled resistance to corrosion during glass melting and forming. They offer financial benefits through:

  • Increased output
  • Lower downtime
  • Extended campaign life
  • Ceramic shape retention
  • Reduced glass defects through reduced erosion of ceramic parts by the molten glass
  • Producing more conforming products and less re-working.

We offer full precious metal recovery with typical metal returns exceeding 95% for ACT coatings and 98% for fabrications and linings.

Our thermocouple assemblies are proven to last the full furnace campaign, while withstanding high temperature applications. We also offer full technical support, including advice on safeguarding thermocouple performance and minimising drift.

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