We provide world leading aircraft manufacturers with superior products that are made to withstand demanding aerospace environments. We manufacture pinning wire for turbine blade production, electrodes for ignition applications, as well as temperature sensors.


Platinum and palladium wire

Our strong and rigid platinum or palladium pinning wire securely holds ceramic cores within the turbine blade during casting, without affecting the structure and integrity of the finished blade. We make pinning wire to the highest possible quality based on your requirements and specifications, such as elongation, breaking load and tensile strength. And our tailored approach pays off; we saved one customer in the aerospace industry 37% by developing a specific alloy for their requirements.


Iridium and platinum ignition products

We have extensive experience in making iridium and platinum components for premium grade aerospace spark plug producers. 


Temperature sensors

We offer a range of temperature measurement products, such as ultra fine precious metal wire and thermocouple wire that can withstand harsh environments whilst maintaining excellent control, accuracy and reliability.


Turbine blade coating

Our Platinum Q SALT® is a market leading electroplating bath suitable for use in the electroplating of turbine blades used in aerospace engines and industrial gas turbines. The deposited platinum coating can be aluminised to form a platinum aluminide coating which offers excellent protection against hot corrosion and oxidation.


Brazing and soldering

We supply high purity gold based filler metals and palladium brazing alloy for use in the most demanding aerospace applications. Our silver brazing is also used in aerospace components and several of our SILVER-FLOTM cadmium-free filler metals and brazing fluxes carry approvals such as Rolls-Royce Plc MSRR 9500.

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