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We supply a range of platinum group metal (pgm) products to the sensor industry. Our fine pgm powders are used for gas sensors for both the residential and industrial sectors. These applications utilise the electrocatalytic activity, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of the pgm catalyst when fabricated into a gas diffusion electrode (GDE).

We also manufacture wire sensing products for toxic and flammable gas, temperature, position and flow and other chemical reactions. We custom-make these products using pure or alloyed precious metals, including plated and coated wires, specific to the required application. Platinum and its alloys are particularly useful in sensor applications, with a resistance that varies predictably to changes in condition.

Electrochemical gas sensors are suitable for the detection of a wide range of toxic gases including CO, H2S, NH3, SO2 for use in life safety applications in both the residential sector (e.g. protection from faulty heating equipment such as gas fires and boilers) and the industrial sector (e.g. portable gas monitoring for the protection of workers in the process industries, mining and oil).

Electrochemical gas sensors can also be used in diagnostic applications such as monitoring air quality, flue gas emissions and medical oxygen supply. Platinum catalysts are also used in high temperature oxygen sensors which are an essential component of the engine control systems used on vehicles to control exhaust emissions.

By monitoring oxygen levels in the exhaust gases the sensors provide essential feedback to the electronic engine management system, to control the air to fuel ratio (λ) in the engine thereby ensuring efficient operation of the exhaust catalyst.

We offer a range of temperature measurement products that exceed rigorous requirements, providing excellent control, accuracy and reliability. With excellent resistance properties, our thermocouple sensor wires use established catalytic bead technology to detect combustible and toxic gases. We supply them in pairs, combining a detector and compensator. The detector has a catalytic bead supported on a very fine platinum wire and the presence of combustible gas will cause a catalytic oxidation reaction. This produces heat and changes the resistance of the wire, producing a signal from the bridge circuit proportional to the concentration of gas.

Our tailor made wire provides exceptional accuracy for position and flow as well as for detecting chemical reactions including redox, pH and conductivity.

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