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The race to the electrification of the automotive powertrain is on. The current drive to rapidly improve global air quality means battery electric vehicles will inevitably play an increasing role in the energy mix. Adoption is reaching a tipping point, but to accelerate the change automotive OEMs must demonstrate that the next generation of vehicles will meet the public’s expectations for range, power and lifetime cost.

Cathode materials are the key to unlocking the potential of the battery electric vehicle. We're scaling up our family of nickel-rich advanced cathode materials eLNO® now, so it's ready for the technical demands of the future. It features a layered nickel rich oxide structure with a proprietary stabiliser package and advanced surface modifications that allow the use of high nickel contents whilst moving to increasingly lower levels of cobalt to deliver superior energy density whilst sustaining excellent cycle life.

And eLNO is just the beginning. We collaborate closely with our customers to develop the battery materials of the future, looking to the next generation and beyond.

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Here to power your progress.

As the electrification of the automotive industry gathers pace, the market is growing increasingly competitive. Against this background, we're well placed to help you address the diverse challenges of the industry. With our close collaborative approach, it all starts with you. We act as development partners with our customers, evolving our roadmap alongside your needs and working to make sure you get the results you need.

We also bring with us over four decades of delivering a broad range of products in mobile emission control catalysis. This legacy means not only are we skilled in meeting the industry’s high quality standards, but really understand what it takes to serve the automotive market.

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Driving your future with our science.

The smaller changes can make the biggest difference

At it’s core JM is a science and technology company. We spend around £200m every year on research and development, working with customers to develop solutions that change the world for the better and achieve the outcomes that matter to them.


This spirit of innovation fuels our passion for cathode materials. We’re always looking for the next evolution, leveraging our long history of materials science and electrochemistry to make the tiny changes that drive a big difference in performance.

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Responsible sourcing, right back to the mine.

With more than two centuries of metal supply expertise,  we’re well placed to understand the challenges of sourcing. But in the battery materials space, it's not just about security of supply, but also the provenance of the materials, particularly when it comes to cobalt and nickel.

Working with eLNO doesn't just mean having access to a low cobalt solution, it also means partnering with a company that takes ethical sourcing seriously. We are committed to using only cobalt, lithium and nickel that have been ethically sourced. We have worked with third party experts RCS Global to develop and implement a world leading due diligence programme which ensures that we have full transparency ‘back to mine’ for all the materials that contain lithium, cobalt and nickel that are going into our cathode products.

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