Environmental performance

Achieving the highest level of environmental performance is essential for all operators. It is key to maintaining a license to operate, impacts financial performance and influences the image of a company within the business and society at large. A company's responsible care image is important and like quality, is integral to being a successful business.

Legislation changes with time. Companies must adapt to the often-tightening pressure placed on environmental performance. Johnson Matthey has significant experience in helping customers define and deliver a sustainable environmental plan. Whether it is improving plant efficiency, reducing emissions, installing our low methanol Low Temperature Shift (LTS) catalyst, developing strategies to reduce NOx from your plant or cleaning up waste water streams, we have a solution for you.

Technical services

Johnson Matthey can also assist you in safely disposing of your spent catalyst charges via our PURACARE programme.



  • Energy management consultancy
  • Pure converter engineering studies
  • Start-up assistance
  • Reformer surveys
  • Measurement of remnant catalyst bed life


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