Whether you are looking to optimise a unit operation or are considering a full plant revamp, Johnson Matthey can help you achieve your goals.

Johnson Matthey can provide revamps to increase the capacity of all Johnson Matthey licenced technologies as well as for non-Johnson Matthey licensees in our technology areas. Whatever your aim, our deep understanding of the processes and our world class engineering capabilities enable us to support you. 

If a significant capacity increase is not desired, incremental increases can be achieved through our technical service teams. Our expert staff have a range of tools to enable customers to make positive adjustments to their plants and catalysts during operation. Even small adjustments can drive significant increases in revenue and the ability to do so without plant down-time brings valuable benefits.

Johnson Matthey can assist you at every stage of project delivery from conceptual ideas through to detailed design and implementation.

Technical services

Examples include:

  • Revamp studies
  • Reactor retrofit/addition
  • Reactor internals design and supply
  • STREAMLINE catalyst bed pressure drop reduction technology
  • Catalyst system changes
  • Product slate changes

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