Ceramic 3D printing: additive manufacturing

By combining our technical expertise with state-of-the-art facilities, we have become an industry leader in the 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) of ceramics. We are able to deliver tailored ceramic products with customised geometries and physical properties. This process offers a cost-effective solution for producing complex ceramic parts, either as a one-off or on a large industrial scale.

Our leading technology has been developed for a number of markets where light weight, complex parts are required for high performance applications.

As well as producing large volume mass customised parts, we also work closely with customers to explore how 3D printing can benefit their business. As such, we are able to produce single or 10s of ceramic pieces for any wider applications.

Using our pilot plant capability we support customers from conception of idea to R&D through to pilot scale production in tonnes. Our expert team will work with you to develop the best solution to meet your needs.

Contact our Technical Sales Manager, Alain Groborz, if you have an idea for a 3D printed part that we could design and make for you.

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Ceramic 3D printing

Our expertise

Our advanced technology enables us to deliver bespoke ceramic products; from early stage R&D and rapid prototyping to a pilot plant capable of producing multi-tonne quantities while maintaining flexibility of materials and designs. Our production plant includes significant investment into pre and post processing to ensure you get the best product to fit your application.

Our AM technology allows complete design flexibility. We can create tailored ceramics with feature sizes down to just 400 μm. Depending upon your operational requirements we can prototype ceramics, develop shapes and easily swap between different geometries.

If you have a manufacturing challenge that could be solved with a highly engineered ceramic component, we could provide a solution quickly and efficiently. New product ideas can be printed within days of conception without the need for bespoke tooling or other equipment. Once the design has been agreed, large quantities can be produced within our pilot plant facility.

We print using a variety of ceramic oxides, predominately alumina, and can develop alternative ceramic materials depending upon your needs.

Our focus is on producing low density, porous ceramics that are fundamentally lighter than conventionally manufactured ceramics or plastics. They can also be further reduced in weight via design optimisation.

If you need to produce small parts with a large amount of internal detail, then our process is an effective solution, providing high quality repeatable parts on a large scale.

If your ceramic parts are in contact with other fluids, you may need to optimise the geometric surface area whilst maintaining a high strength or modify internal shape to reduce pressure drop.


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An overview of JM's capabilities in the field of ceramic 3D printing by Carlos Fonte, JM's ALM Design and Modelling Engineer, R&D.

3D printing (ceramics)

See our ceramic 3D printer in action

Carlos Fonte, ALM Design and Modelling engineer, describes the process in detail

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