Electrical contact materials

Electrical contact materials can be supplied in a number of different forms including contact buttons or patches, wires, strips and rivets. Several different materials are also available:

  • Silver tin oxide electrical contact materials
  • Silver nickel electrical contact materials
  • Silver tungsten electrical contact materials
  • Copper tungsten electrical contact materials


Silver Tin Oxide

 Product  Ag  Sn02  Melting range 
 Matthey D508  92  8  960 C
 Matthey D5010  90  10  960 C
 Matthey D5012  88  12  960 C


Silver Tungsten

Product Ag W Melting range
Matthey 20S 27 73 960 C
Matthey 35S 35 65 960 C
Matthey 50S 50 50 960 C


Silver Nickel

Product Ag Ni Melting range
Matthey D510 90 10 960 C
Matthey D520 80 20 960 C
Matthey D56 70 30 960 C


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