Jewellery solders

Our range of guaranteed hallmarking quality jewellery solders features excellent flow characteristics and produces clean soldered joints. Varying grades are available, including easy, medium and hard, which simplifies complicated step-soldering operations.


Carat gold jewellery solders

Product  Melting Range  Melting characteristics
 3.6ct Yellow Extra Easy  645-705 C  Extra easy
 9ct Yellow Extra Easy  620-690 C  Extra easy
 9ct Yellow Easy  650-720 C  Easy
 9ct Yellow Medium  735-755 C  Medium
 9ct Yellow Hard  755-795 C  Hard
 9ct White Medium  735-755 C  Medium
 9ct Red Medium  685-790 C  Medium
 14ct Yellow Easy  710-730 C  Easy
 18ct Yellow Easy  700-715 C  Easy
 18ct Yellow Medium  730-765 C  Medium
 18ct Yellow Hard  790-830 C  Hard
 18ct Red Medium  805-810 C  Medium


Platinum jewellery solders

Product  Melting Range  Melting characteristics 
 Pt Extra Easy  935-955 C  Extra easy
 Pt Easy  1010-1029 C  Easy
 Pt Medium  1179-1217 C  Medium
 Pt Hard  1422-1445 C  Hard
 Pt 1200  1179-1217 C  
 Pt 1700  1700 C  


Silver solders for silverware applications (SILVER-FLO™)

Our SILVER-FLO range are cadmium free brazing filler metals designed for use on silver and silver alloys. It is referred to as a silver solder by silversmiths. The solder contains a minimum 66.7% silver and hence can be used as a hallmarking grade 'silver solder' on sterling silver. It has a good melting range and is relatively free flowing producing neat joints with small fillets and also providing a good colour match with silver alloys.

Product  Melting Range  %Silver  Melting characteristics 
 SILVER-FLO 67X  667-709 C  66.7%  Extra easy
 SILVER-FLO 67E  705-723 C  66.7%  Easy
 SILVER-FLO 67H  745-778 C  66.7%  Hard
 SILVER-FLO 74M  720-765 C  74%  Medium
 SILVER-FLO 81E  730-800 C  81%  Enamelling

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