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Building a sustainable business

With our science, understanding and vision, we believe we have much to contribute to a more sustainable future; to help us get there we’ve designed a new sustainable business framework and six goals to support value creation.

In March 2017 we came to the end of our Sustainability 2017 programme. In realising our Sustainability 2017 Vision, we engaged our people, made Johnson Matthey a safer place to work and built our reputation as a world leading manufacturer of sustainable technologies.

Over ten years we transformed our business and our sustainability performance, halving our operational carbon footprint and our use of energy and water per unit of sales. But we never planned to stop there.


Our sustainable business framework 

We’ve designed a new sustainable business framework aligned to our brand, vision and strategy. It continues our sustainability commitment but is more outward looking – towards our customers, communities and supply chains. It drives sustainable business practices for internal and external stakeholders, throughout JM’s value chain.


The new framework comprises six goals:


1) For health and safety, aspire to zero harm

This goal continues our Sustainability 2017 target. It is the same goal with the same ambitious KPIs and target. We measure our lost time injury and illness rate (LTIIR) and total recordable injury and illness rate (TRIIR).


2) Ensure JM is truly inclusive, fostering employee engagement and development within a diverse global workforce

This is a new goal which acknowledges the crucial role our people play in delivering our vision and strategy.


3) Reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per unit of production output by 25%

This goal continues our commitment to reducing the environmental impact we have through GHG emissions from our operations. Whilst similar to our 2017 target (where we measured GHG emissions relative to sales), in our goal to 2025 we are measuring relative to production output to drive operational improvements further and reduce the impact of our business on climate change.


4) Improve sustainable business practices in our supply chains

Goal four is new. Through our Supplier Code of Conduct (in place since 2017) and other responsible sourcing policies, goal four will bring about a new standard of transparency and vigilance.


5) Double the positive impact that JM’s products make to a cleaner, healthier world

Goal five is new. Here we aim to double the impact that our products, services and technologies can make on a cleaner, healthier world. It drives us towards our JM vision.


6) Increase our volunteer work within our local communities

Goal six is also new and continues our community involvement with a formal target. Through this target we aim to support our communities and also provide personal development opportunities for our people


Our progress

Sustainable business goals framework


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