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Our science is applied by customers every day to create products that improve the environment and make the world around us cleaner and healthier. We also take responsibility to ensure the way we run our operations is environmentally conscious.

Environmental performance

Every year we undertake a comprehensive review of group environmental performance across all our manufacturing and R&D facilities. Data over a five year period is presented below. Year on year performance is highlighted below.

This year four of our six key environmental indicators improved relative to sales, demonstrating the positive impact of our sustainability and continuous improvement efforts as our business grows.

Priorities for 2017/18

Having halved our carbon intensity over the ten years of Sustainability 2017, we are looking to extend our efforts in this area with the ongoing reduction of greenhouse gases per unit of production output. This is one of the themes of our sustainable business goals to 2025. We will continue to report our carbon footprint using location and market-based methods, but will switch to the market method for reporting progress as it more accurately reflects the efforts our sites are making to decarbonise their energy usage.